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Creamy Gnocchi and Mushroom Soup

Enjoy gnocchi in a new way – as little dumplings in this rich and savory lightened-up mushroom soup.

Pasta Shapes Dictionary

There is a pasta shape to complement every pasta dish out there. Pairing the correct pasta shape can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction when cooking.
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Pasta Spotlight


This month we sat down with Chef Luigi Diotaiuti to talk all things pasta. We found out about all the differences between how we prepare pasta in the U.S. versus in Italy, what it’s like to be an Italian restaurant owner, and what you can expect at each of his restaurants. Click the link below to read the full interview!

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Three Pasta Recipes Under 300 Calories

Yes, you can have a filling, delicious pasta meal without packing on calories (or pounds)! We show you a few of our favorite recipes that are under 300 calories per serving.

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