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Holiday Kids Meals Ideas

Tired of making a beautiful holiday meal only to have requests for nuggets and hotdogs from the little ones around your table?   Take a look at some of the tips and recipes below to help get the kids at your table excited about the meal: Get kids involved by enlisting them as your sous-chef! Give […]

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One Pot Holiday Meal Ideas

Not feeling up to preparing a complex, multi-course holiday meal this year?  Been asked to bring a side dish and you don’t have lots of time or any ideas for what to prepare?  Having a quiet, small meal and want an easy, yet hearty recipe for yourself or your guests?  Have no fear!  Pasta is […]

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Switch Up Your Go-To Appetizers – with Pasta!

It’s the season of celebrating – and with that comes plenty of holiday parties! Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or a big family dinner, everyone loves appetizers. This year, surprise your guests by switching up your go-to hors d’oeuvres with some unique new ideas! Below are some unique appetizer suggestions that are sure to […]

How to Pump Up Your Pasta with Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient required for your body to run smoothly and efficiently.  Among its many benefits, protein is required for healthy skin and hair, strong muscles and bones and fighting off illnesses by keeping your immune system in tip top shape.  When it comes to eating, high-protein foods can satisfy a hungry appetite.  […]

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Which Diet is Best for You?

Low-fat, low-carb, paleo, vegetarian – with so many options available, how do you know which is the best to choose? Some people who shed extra pounds effortlessly on the newest diet craze, while others struggle for weeks without an ounce lost. What is the answer? Listen to your body! Pasta Fits RD Diane Welland explains […]

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Q&A with Tomato Products Wellness Council

This month, we chatted with Sharon Palmer RD, a dietitian and spokesperson on behalf of Tomato Wellness. Tomatoes and pasta go hand in hand, so we chatted with Sharon about all the benefits of adding tomato products to your pasta, how they fit into the Mediterranean diet, and tips for storing your leftover sauce. Read […]

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