Pasta Spotlights

Q&A with Serena Cosmo of Rustic Plate

For our June pasta spotlight, we sat down with food writer and blogger, Serena Cosmo. We got her take on her inspiration for new recipes, recommended food pairings, her favorite summer meals, and much more. Read on for all of her food and pasta insights!

Q&A with Kristen Seymour of Fit Bottomed Eats

This month, we sat down Kristen Seymour, editor-in-chief of Fit Bottomed Eats. We asked her advice on the best foods to eat to when living an active lifestyle, how to maintain energy during a busy day, and her tips for staying healthy on the go.

Q&A with Caroline Kaufman, MS, RDN

For National Nutrition Month, we connected with Registered Dietitian, Caroline Kaufman, to get her take on what kinds of healthy ingredients she likes to use, her tricks for using seasonal ingredients, and how to make a lightweight, healthy pasta meal!
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