Family Dinner

With the family running in a million and one directions, it’s important to keep at least one family tradition alive: family dinner night! And, it’s not just about the food. Studies have shown that family dinners can help kids improve their grades, lower stress, prevent drug use, and help them eat more vegetables. For your next family dinner, pasta can give you so many different options! Looking for a quick meal? We recommend keeping it simple and fresh like this One Pot Tomato Rosemary Linguine with Meatballs & Mozzarella that takes only 20 minutes to make! Maybe your family is looking for something a little more hardy – why not try the Root Vegetable Pasta Gratin? Whatever the meal, here are some more tips for keeping table-time carefree, fun and memorable.

Plan Ahead:

Commit to a time for family dinner and plan accordingly. Make sure you have all the groceries you need for your meals that week. If you’ve got time on the weekend, pre-make the meal and freeze it to make it really easy!

No Distractions Needed:

Have everyone unplug from the outside world. No Facebook, no TV, just family. Put phones and other electronic devices in a basket away from the table to keep the emphasis on family.

Get Everyone Involved: 

Let yours kids pick from a few dinner options that are easy to include everyone. When you’re ready to start cooking, give everyone a role in the kitchen to help out.

Make Everyone Happy: 

Do you have a family full of picky eaters? Have a “build your own” family dinner! Choose a meal like tacos, pizza, or burgers. Then, let everyone pick out their own toppings.


Family dinners are the perfect way to bring people together over great food. While you’re at the table, make sure to ask about everyone’s day or play a game – and listen to what everyone has to say.

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