Follow the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid for a Healthy Lifestyle

By now you likely know the many benefits of following the Mediterranean Diet, from a lower BMI, to a lower risk of heart disease, to increased cognitive function. Luckily, the Mediterranean Diet is comprised of many healthy and delicious foods so it’s easy to reap all these benefits. However, with so many foods to choose from it can be hard to figure out how many servings of each food we should eat. Luckily, Oldways has created a Mediterranean Diet pyramid so we know just how much to eat of each food.

On the bottom of the pyramid, Oldways emphasizes that physical activity should be a large part of everyone’s lifestyle. Being active is important for a healthy life and weight control.

The largest recommended food group of the Mediterranean Diet consists of grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods are recommended to be eaten at almost all meals, as they are great sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. We recommend making a pasta meal that showcases all these other valuable foods.

The next level of Med Diet foods includes fish and seafood. This food group is a great source of protein and also has many foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids that are great for the heart, like tuna and salmon. Pasta is also a great complement to fish and seafood for extra health benefits. Check out our seafood recipes here.

Above seafood is a smaller level that includes poultry, eggs, cheese, and yogurt. These foods are part of the Mediterranean Diet, but are eaten in moderate to small amounts.

At the top of the pyramid are red meats and sweets. Both are eaten in small portions – no more than a few times a month. Sweets include sorbet or gelato. We recommend eating fresh fruit for a sweet treat, as well.

On the side of the pyramid, wine is featured. Wine is typically consumed regularly in the Mediterranean Diet, though moderately, with recommended consumption of one five-ounce glass of wine per day for women and two five-ounce glasses for men.

There are countless ways to enjoy the many healthy and delicious foods that comprise the Mediterranean Diet. This pyramid is the perfect guide for showing which of these foods, and that the addition of regular exercise, make up a healthy lifestyle.

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