Girls’ Night

Sometimes you just need a night with the ladies. It can be the cure for a stressful week at work, a fight with your significant other, or just some much needed downtime. Celebrated at home or out on the town these nights bring together good friends, good food and fun – does it get better than that? A recent article even shows that hanging out with friends can improve your life expectancy!

Need some inspiration on how to spend the girls’ night? We’ve put together a few ideas:

Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and watch the latest flicks. From romantic comedies to the latest action thrillers, movies can be the ultimate down time. Surround yourself with the best ladies and serve some snacks, then you are good to go!

Cook Dinner Together

Why not head into the kitchen with your best friends? Cooking together is a great time to chat or catch up and the best part is that you get a delicious meal at the end! You could go with something a little more fancy like our Garlic Tomato Saffron Mussels or something made from whatever is in the cabinet like our Pantry Puttanesca.

Go Out on the Town

Paint the town red! Eating out gives you the opportunity to eat delicious food (surprise, we’d suggest pasta) and great conversation! You could opt for something casual or class it up at a gourmet restaurant. After dinner, dancing might even be in order!

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