Google Lists Pasta as a Top Food Trend

What types of foods are people searching for online? Google recently released its 2016 Food Trends Report, which featured “The Pasta Comeback” along with other topics like “Traveling Through Taste” and “Bite Sized Snack” among its the top five trending food searches. Google identified these by examining the top volume queries from January 2014 through February 2016.

Though pasta as a whole proved to have a comeback and high search volume, “rigatoni” specifically had the highest volume of searches of any type of pasta with a 26% search growth from January 2015 to January 2016. People are also searching for other pastas like tortellini, linguine, penne, fusilli, mac and cheese bites, and gemelli.

Looking at when people are eating or cooking pasta – the report pointed out that users were much more likely to search for pasta on weekends instead of weekdays. This may be because people are interested in experimenting with new ideas using familiar recipes. People are also interested in which sauce pairs with which pasta type, which Pasta Fits can help with by clicking here.

If you happen to be looking for a new recipe or trying to look for more information on pasta, look no further than Pasta Fits! We have plenty of Rigatoni recipes, like this Vegan Bolognese Sauce Over Rigatoni or this Grilled Vegetable Rigatoni with Feta. Or, if you’re looking for another pasta shape, check out our recipe page. We also have plenty of recipes that feature a unique take on a classic dish like our Paste e Ceci with a Twist or our Reinvented Beef Stroganoff. Pasta may be making a comeback with users, but we’ve always been huge fans!

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