How to Pump Up Your Pasta with Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient required for your body to run smoothly and efficiently.  Among its many benefits, protein is required for healthy skin and hair, strong muscles and bones and fighting off illnesses by keeping your immune system in tip top shape.  When it comes to eating, high-protein foods can satisfy a hungry appetite.  They can also keep you feeling full longer so you are less likely to overeat. For those people concerned about protein intake or looking for ways to increase protein in your diet, pasta is a perfect food to help pump up your intake. Here are some of our tips for adding a dose of protein to your meals:

  • Meat lovers – Add some lean poultry to pasta for an extra protein boost. In addition to a high protein content, chicken and turkey also provide a number of vitamins and minerals like B vitamins (especially B6 and niacin) and selenium and zinc. Low in fat and calories, lean chicken and turkey is a favorite among body builders.  Check out our poultry recipes.
  • Vegetarians – Fill up on protein by adding in protein-rich plant foods. Some of the best sources in the plant world include beans, legumes, lentils, soy like tofu or edamame, seeds and nuts and some whole grains like quinoa.  Certain vegetables also contain small amounts of protein like zucchini, kale and collards (think leafy greens). Pasta Fits has plenty of vegetarian and vegan recipes where you can look through veggie filled recipes to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Seafood – If you like fish, salmon is a healthy choice for adding in protein. It also features omega 3 fats. Check out our salmon recipes.
  • Eggs – Eggs are an exceptional sources of protein and easy to supplement in to meals. Making a breakfast pasta is a great option for adding in protein filled eggs early in the day!
  • Cheese – What better way to finish off a pasta dish than with a sprinkling of cheese? You can find protein in some cheeses like Parmesan, Romano, low-fat swiss, and low-fat cheddar which are all easy to sprinkle on your favorite pasta dish! Choose full-flavored sharper cheeses when possible because a little goes a long way.

For more pasta recipes, visit our recipe page.

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