Ingredient Spotlight

Each month, we will be featuring a different seasonal ingredient and how it fits into your favorite pasta dishes!


Ingredient Spotlight: Sugar Snap Peas

snap peas 3If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing veggie to add to your pasta dishes this summer look no further than the sugar snap pea!  Known for its satisfying crunch and sweet taste, sugar snap peas are high in vitamins and fiber, adding nutrition, color and texture to your meals.  A delectable hybrid of snow peas and green beans, sugar snap peas offer a fun alternative to more commonly used green vegetables.  What’s more, the sugar snap pea is very family friendly – little ones tend to like raw sugar snap peas, because they are sweet, making them a great veggie to have on hand.  As a pasta meal ingredient, sugar snap peas have limitless options from pasta salad to stir fry and more.  

Check out the ways sugar snap peas help boost a healthy diet

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