Workout Meal

Getting ready for an upcoming race or big game can be both mentally and physically challenging. Athlete’s at all levels from novice to professional have rituals they partake in to get ready – from what they eat to what they wear to bed! Some won’t even go to bed without a simple bowl of pasta while others wear the same socks to every game.

We’ve culled the Internet to find a few tips to get you prepped for your big day:

Get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Sleep is important! If you plan on exerting a lot of energy the next day a full night sleep is key. A study of the Stanford University Basketball team found that when players received an extra 2-3 hours of sleep they were faster and more accurate. Anxiety may make it difficult to sleep but do your best to go to bed early and relax.

Eat a Proper Meal

Carbohydrates provide energy for your body. If you’re participating in an endurance sport, added carbohydrates will help you to sustain energy longer. Lauren Antonucci, RD, director of Nutrition Energy in New York City told Shape Magazine, “You want a meal that’s 50 to 60 percent carbs, is easily digested, and won’t upset your stomach.” Pasta dishes like our Bean and Veggie Pesto or our Peanut Chicken Pasta make great pre-workout meals.

Rest Your Muscles

Don’t train or practice hard the day or night before your big event. Muscles need time to relax and heal so they are ready for maximum performance. notes that your last workout should be 48 hours before your race or event. It should be an easy workout so you don’t injure or overexert yourself.

Have Fun

Sport and athletic activities are meant to be fun! It’s great to be a little competitive but don’t take it too seriously. Have a pasta party with your competitors the night before the game, or head to dinner or brunch when it’s over. Some of the best friendships can come from those who have similar hobbies to you!

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